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Taizhou Yeshi Embroidery Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd. locates in Taizhou´╝îZhejiang Province, specialized in producing Multi-head Computerized Embroidery Machine and automatic 

sewing machine. We have a professional management team and quality control system against the standard of IS09001, we devote ourselves to becoming the large embroidery 

manufacture in China.

"YESHI " give customers more choices, we supply machines more quite, more economical, easy operation, longer life, and good Cap embroidery machine. As one of the professional 

embroidery machine manufacturer, our company has developed lots of exclusive embroidery machine such as 1200rpm high-speed machine, template machine, automatic sewing machine, 

chain series, lock stitch series, mixed type series and so on. Products with high-tech can enrich the embroidery stitches, also can save cost for our customers.

"LIVING ART, EMBROIDERY ART!" " Yeshi " has the faith of people-oriented, honest in career, quality-centered. YESHI always focus itself on offering quality service and solution 

for its customers. We warmly welcome all the friends and customers to visit us and cooperate with us to advance together.

Products and services

Yeshi embroidery machines are one of our more popular sellers. And with reason. These embroidery machines have been tried and tested with excellent results. And as with all other 


sewing and embroidery machines, carry a 1-year warrantee.


As you are laying down a sizeable investment which will bring you cashflow, we thought this machine deserves a good overview, covering the company, the models and features.



Yeshi Embroidery Machines: Single-Head

If you’re a savvy embroiderer or have a start-up embroidery business, single-head machines are a perfect choice.


A step up from the domestic embroidery machine, the Yeshi single-head embroidery machine is more rugged for the commercial and industrial environment. It works faster, has more 


needles (which is a huge time-saver) and includes one head which enables you to do embroidery on caps.


Yeshi embroidery machines’ single-head range has something this brand can be proud of, as there is currently no other brand with models which accommodate as large embroidery 


embroidery areas.



Yeshi Embroidery Machines: Multi-Head

Planning to increase the production of your current business, would have you consider one of the Yeshi multi-head industrial embroidery machines. But before do, please first read 


our post, Multi-Head vs Single-Head Embroidery Machines to find out if a multi-head machine matches with where you currently are in your business.


Depending of course on your current production status, you have a choice between 2-head up to 12-heads with a space of 400mm between the heads.


The Yeshi multi-heads comes out in 9-needle and 12-needles. However, since the 9-needle machines are more popular than the 12-needle, as you don’t often use more than 9 colours 


on a badge or logo, only the 9-needle machines are imported.


Contrary to the Yeshi single-head embroidery machines, all their multi-head embroidery machines have an embroidery space of 400x450mm.


Should you fancy a specific model, just speak to us! Your order will be delivered to you within between 6-8 weeks.

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Huangyan Zone ,Taizhou City,Zhejiang Province, China
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